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The whole world is being run on fear on this illusion called the "war on terror" (The Crusades 2.0) .   The soul has become terrorised. Beauty and Joy is lost,  every day is another day of fear.   How do you get out of this fear?   Surround yourself with Joy and Beauty, Beauty is the antidote to fear.   Once upon a time people recognised the understanding that art was the way of finding the true meaning of the human spirit,  the art is lost today. Art is a way out,  it is the future.  Art today has been hijacked by such ugliness, so called art today is being funded by Israel and Oil Companies

Quality and better design use to be the norm , now everything is made at such a low bottom line level we have lost our quality of living. With all the cheap junk they build from slave camps in Asia flooding the markets we forget that once upon a time England was a manufacturing empire.  "Made In England" meant something,  it stood for quality design and better product. Not only have we lost our manufacturing that employed thousands we have lost our country to Great Britain, United Kingdom, European Union and now the TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)

I am trying to bring back that Joy and Beauty we once had in England, the pride we had. Those great engineers and designs and paying great respect to the workers that built these products of fine quality.    
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